$25,000 Pro Football Pick 'Em

Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Wildcard Club

Win $1,000 Weekly!

Pick ‘Em slips are available at the Wildcard Club for each week during the football season beginning at 10:00am on Sundays and must be returned on Thursdays by 2:00pm at the Wildcard Club. No purchase necessary but must be a Wildcard Club member to enter.

Wildcard Club Members can enter our Pro Football Pick’ Em game each week and play to win a $1,000.00 weekly cash prize. One weekly entry per person. One (1) point per game correctly picked.

A $1,000 Prize will be awarded each week to the winner with the most points.  There is a total of 17 weeks during the season.  A weekly tie breaker will be used to determine the weekly winner. The tie-breaker will be total points scored in the Monday Night game, closest total without going over.  If all winners go over, then closest score. The final week of the season will be the last Sunday Night game.  In case of final ties, prize will be split.

A total of $8,000.00 will be awarded at the end of season based on total points earned.  Prizes are 1st thru 4th place.  1st place wins $5,000.00.  2nd Place wins $1,500.00.  3rd Place wins $1,000.00 and 4th place wins $500.00.  Employees are not eligible to enter. Any end of season ties split prizes. (So if two players are tied for 1st. They will split 1st and 2nd place prize money).

The player who completes the Pick ‘Em slip Must return his/her own Pick ‘Em slip in person at The Wildcard Club during club during hours 8am to 4am. Pick-Em slips due by 2pm every Thursday.

WEEK 1 Winner: Kathy Purser Sullivan 15 points/TB 38

WEEK 2 Kathleen Thomsen 13/37

WEEK 3 Mike Renlo 13/42

WEEK 4 Winner Rudolfo Alarcon 11 Points/TB 25

WEEK 5 Winner Tiffany Purser 13 Points/TB 30

WEEK 6 Winner Mikayla Fisher 13 Points/TB 49

WEEK 7 Ronald Charles 13 points/TB 35


WEEK 8 Arlene Arausa 15 points / TB 37

WEEK 9 Sid Samara 12 points / TB 40

Week 10 Carmen M. Taylor 10 points /TB 35

Week 11 Stan Purser 14 points / TB 41

Week 12 Howard Segar 13 points / TB 45

Week 13 Thor Johnson 12/ TB 46